Estrella Negra Restaurant

Estrella Negra is based on the Rastafari culture, which speaks of healthy food called I-tal, this is a special diet, since it does not contain foods with chemical processes, only natural and not canned. The foods that are cooked are served in the least processed way possible, thus being healthy for our body and not polluting.

When you arrive at our restaurant you can choose between Vegan or Vegetarian food, this being very important for the tourist, finding both options in one place.

The products we use are from the area, using the typical ingredients of the area, arrope de chañar, “rica-rica”, dressings, etc.

Estrella Negra incorporates in its restaurant, a system to recycle the surplus vegetables, delivering it as food to the communities, in this way they help Eco Sustainability of San Pedro.

Excellent attention, excellent flavor, natural juices to recover, is a must see in San Pedro. Estrella Negra is located on the main street of San Pedro, Caracoles # 362.

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