Quebrada de Kezala

Pertaining to the commune of San Pedro de Atacama and to about 60 kilometers of the city of the same name, is the small indigenous town of Talabre.

Another unmissable treasure that this town has is its archaeological wealth, specifically that related to rock art. The large quantity of petroglyphs located in Quebrada de Kezala attracts attention, with different naturalistic representations ranging from camelids, hunting animals, birds, felines and foxes, to anthropomorphic motifs.

Among the other attractions of Taladre is its church with traditional carved stone and exquisite architecture, and the llamas that are part of the typical fauna of the place.

Talabre Viejo, located 7 km. of the current Talabre, which had to be abandoned about 25 years ago, after an alluvium dramatically threatened the integrity of the inhabitants of this place. Here you can find the almost intact ruins of what was the old town, its houses, church, corrals, various personal objects and ovens, and others.

Difficulty of trekking: moderate.

We recommend using sunscreen, eyeglasses and plenty of water.

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