Harickuntur Hostel

Harickuntur born in 2012, by Mrs. Nancy Ramos Reyes who undertakes this business with her daughter Yesenia Rodriguez Ramos.

We started promoting our Hostel in the terminals and buses, we always characterized for being a simple hostel without much luxury, “clean and quiet”, during the following years, we invested to improve the facilities and achieve deliver a better service to our guests. So we have new facilities, a new kitchen … in which we intend to deliver breakfast soon.

We are an Atacameña family, that with effort we have managed to deliver a quality service to those who visit San Pedro de Atacama, for the same reason we are promoting the indigenous communities.

Nancy Ramos elaborates the arrope de Chañar, which is a typical product of the zone Atacameña, we share with tourist the elaboration of this fruit and its qualities.

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Comfortable single, double and triple rooms, for two or three people. With private bathrooms and shared.

Shuttle service to and from the airport.

Free parking.

Good atmosphere. Central location.
Calle/Street: Tocopilla 8F-A

Phone numbers: (5655) 3212133 – (569) 79931874