Flora and fauna of San Pedro de Atacama

Due to the climate and the height of the Atacama Desert, you can find a unique flora and fauna typical of the place that inhabits salares and bofedales at high altitude. For its extension you can see in its flora: algarrobo, llareta, Wild straw, cachiyuyo, etc. In its fauna they emphasize the flamencos, the vicuña, culpeo fox, vizcacha, among others.

Vizcacha: One of the most abundant rodents of the zone next to the Carpincho, it develops to the south of the region of Atacama.

Zorro Culpeo: This canid inhabits a large area, from the north of Chile to Tierra del Fuego.

Flamenco: With its characteristic light pink color, this bird has several exponents in our territory: The Andinos, Chilean and James.

Guanacos: Of the branch of the camélidos, with 1 meter and 10 centimeters of height, relatives of Camels. The only animal of pre-Hispanic Andean cultures.


The Algarrobo is a long-lived tree, which belongs to the legume family. It has a great capacity to live in the desert because of its ability to capture nitrogen and water through its long roots. Its twisted trunk reaches up to 18 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter.

Rica – Rica

Perennial plant, about 50cms. It grows associated with the tolilla and bailahuén. In October they appear their violet flowers. It is consumed as tea, toasting its stem and leaves, which are aromatic. In home medicine is used in infusion against stomach pain.


Medium height wild tree, it grows tortuous and reaches a height of up to 10 meters and a diameter of up to 1/2 meter. Its fruit has a shape and size of olive, is edible, sweet and is a component for the elaboration of a syrup for the throat called Arrope.

Cactus / Familia Cactáceas

Woody, succulent plants with numerous morphological characteristics, xeromorphic, that give them great capacity to live in arid environments. They have photosynthetic stem called cladodium able to reserve water, covered by a thick layer of wax and leaves transformed into thorns.