Ancestral Caravan - Arrope de Chañar

A journey with llamas through the historical landscapes of the ayllu of Coyo, reviving the paths that the original Likan Antai made in their voyages, looking for the best land to settle. We will be accompanied by Sandra, our atacameña guide with whom we will immerse ourselves in their history, discovering a living and millenary culture.

The caravan represents, they tell us, a form of communication and trade formerly used by the Andean peoples. Unlike today, in the past, the Cordillera de los Andes did not mean a limit or border for the Andean peoples, and the caravans traveled regularly to visit friendly towns and exchange goods and news with them.

After living fully the Ancestral Caravan, we will arrive at the house of Mrs. Nancy Ramos Reyes, a kind lady from the town of Coyo, who rescues the traditions with her family, teaching the processes to produce the famous Arrope de Chañar and Algarrobo. In addition we will be able to know how the Arrope de Chañar is produced.

The Tour is made with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10 people.

We recommend using sunscreen, eyeglasses and plenty of water to drink.

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